How to Get Rid of Back Acne

What Causes Back Acne?

Everyone hates acne, and back acne is not that popular either, which is why I will be giving you tips on how to get rid of back acne. But before we discuss the methods that can be used to get rid of back acne, we must first understand the main causes of back acne. Just like any other form of acne, bacne (back acne) occurs when your skin’s pores become clogged. These pores become clogged up when your body’s sebaceous glands start producing excess sebum. Basically your pores get clogged up with too much sebum and cause dead skin cells to get stuck in there too. This whole mess usually attracts bacteria which eventually means you’ve got acne.

Do tight clothes cause back acne? Many people with back acne wonder if wearing tight clothes might be the cause of their back acne. Well, although wearing tight shirts can make your back acne worse than it already is—tight clothes do this when they trap in sweat which mixes with your other skin oils—back acne cannot solely be attributed to tight clothes. Even so, reducing the friction on your back will almost always calm your bacne. (Staying shirtless at home and using handbags instead of backpacks are two great ways to reduce back acne.)

Getting rid of back acne can be pretty tough since there are more sebaceous glands on your back than other areas on your body (more sebaceous glands means more sebum is produced which causes acne). One other reason it can be quite hard to get rid of back acne is that the skin on your back is thicker than the skin on other parts of your body, this makes the back harder to treat. Nobody knows for sure what causes back acne—although the suspected culprits are hormones, stress, and genetics—which is why many experts recommend that you focus on actually treating back acne than what its causes. Which brings us to the most important part of this article where I will be giving you advice on how to get rid of back acne fast.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne

  • Keeping your fabrics clean helps get rid of back acne. Dirty stuff attracts bacteria like a magnet, and bacteria does extremely well at worsening or even starting back acne, so from now on it’ll be your job to keep your pillowcases, bed sheets, towels, shirts, bras, and everything else that will be touching your back clean. If you’re like me, then this should be a piece of cake for you. But for those of you that find it hard to keep their things clean, good luck (try another method to get rid of body acne). Just remember that you should use hypoallergenic detergents and fabric softeners to avoid irritation. (You can find these eco-friendly and chemical free products at natural food stores.)
  • Washing regularly is a great way to get rid of acne on your back. Make sure you use anti-bacterial soap and take a shower at least twice a day and after any activity that may cause you to sweat. (Remember, sweat mixes with skin oils which can clog your pores more than they already are. We do not want that.) Frequent showering is very helpful, but over-washing will sometimes cause your skin to dry out and will produce results opposite to those that you’re looking for. Wash with moderation.
  • Getting rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating once to four times a week is another method to get rid of back acne. Because the skin on your back is thicker than the skin on other parts of your body, exfoliating is pretty safe to do. Test different types of exfoliators (loofahs, brushes, washcloths, etc.) and see which one works best on your skin. Take care not to exfoliate too much as this will cause your skin to become irritated and will make you worse off than when you first started. Also, if you’re going to be using a scrub, make sure you use a sugar-based one since it is better for the skin than the salt-based one.
  • Rub-on gels or medical creams such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be used as a back acne treatment. You must use only one of the above mentioned bacne treatments since they do not interact with each other very well. See your local dermatologist for his/her recommendation on which cream/gel you should use and then apply it to your back acne as instructed. Always remember to give the medicated cream time to try as these gels tend to contain chemicals which could damage or bleach clothing. Only apply to infected areas, as using too much may cause negative results.
  • Finally, seeing your dermatologist may be your best option of getting rid of back acne if none of the other bacne remedies work for you. Resort to this option only after you have tried out the other option for at least two weeks, as results may take a while to appear. You might want to also seek help from an expert if you suffer from constant anxiety, stress, or have low self-esteem—all factors that contribute to your back acne.

Natural Back Acne Cures

If you would like to get rid of back acne naturally, then you might want to try out one of the following natural back acne remedies. (These usually work as well as or even better than the bacne treatments mentioned above.) Read on for tips on how to get rid of back acne naturally.

  • Aloe Vera – This gel (also comes in other forms) can be a great way to dramatically reduce your back acne’s redness and swelling. This plant has also been proven to be extremely helpful in getting rid of back acne scars often left by bacne. Apply the Aloe Vera solution/gel/cream/plant to the affected areas after taking a bath for best results.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This natural back acne solution is proven to help reduce your back acne by killing bacteria and by absorbing excess oils found on your skin. (This is done by lowering the skins PH (the measure of its acidibility)). To start off, make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water with 10% being the vinegar and the rest being water. Apply this solution on to the affected areas on your back. For better results try increasing the percentage of cider vinegar to water. Keep doing this until you start to notice skin irritation when the solution is applied.
  • Tea Tree Oil – This is my personal favorite natural way to get rid of back acne. This oil, when applied to the back, helps destroy bacteria that are the main culprit behind back acne breakouts. Think of this oil as an alternative to medicated creams or gels, and apply it accordingly. Take caution, however, as your skin may find this natural back acne treatment irritating.

Back Acne Remedies

There are many different back acne treatments, as you have just seen above. Your best bet to get rid of back acne is to try each of the above back acne cures for at least two weeks before moving on to the next. If all fails, then going to your nearest dermatologist may be the only choice you have left. With that being said, we now conclude our article and I hope that by reading this you have learned how to get rid of back acne.

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